A new small business or freelance endeavor is so full of potential and excitement. And some risk too. This is where financial planning, even a little of it, will serve as the foundation of your success in the long run.

What are “financials,” anyway?

Essentially, it’s information (data) about the sales and expenses of your business.

What do financials do?

What they do is help you to understand what your business needs and where you can best focus in order to achieve your business goals.

In 2018, 82% of businesses that went under did so because of cash flow problems, according to Fundera.

This is completely unnecessary.

And no, you don’t have to be a math genius to set up your books, develop a cash flow plan, achieve the freedom and lifestyle of a business owner.


What do you need?

Expert help. Guidance. Support.
You need a financial professional who knows when to coach, and when to teach.

You can be intimidated, anxious, and even baffled before you start and still end up achieving your business goals.

How? With our expert professional coaching and teaching, gentle and patient guidance, and confident support from Your Bookkeeper’s Coach.