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Rachel Smith Your Bookkeeper's Coach

I understand that financial pressure can be a huge stressor for small business owners. 

According to Fundera, in 2018, 82% of businesses that went under did so because of cash flow problems.

This is wholly unnecessary. I made it my purpose to ease that anxiety by helping non-accountants within the construction and trades industry as well as new service-based businesses to understand and work with their numbers.


I’m a financial consultant and trusted advisor to the small business owner and a financial coach to their in-house bookkeeper (even when the owner is doing their own books).


10 years of corporate accounting experience, complemented by a B.A. in Business Administration (Accounting) from the University of Washington – help me to do just that.

What else?

  • Future-focused. As a future-focused, problem-solver I bring guts and creativity to your small business challenges. I know the industries and know how they work. 
  • Positive approach and outlook. I'm positive about tomorrow. Energy flows in when I’m pushing myself and others to new heights. 
  • Efficiency builder/streamliner. Let’s streamline routine processes to make more time for analyzing numbers and generating meaningful data for strategic decision-making.
  • Care and attention. I care about my clients. I believe in solid, genuine and mutually rewarding relationships. I have unwavering faith in my own strengths and abilities, I trust my instincts and have confidence in my judgment. This makes me the perfect fit for emerging small businesses.
  • Ready. I am at-the-ready with the needed passion and ability to bring your business financials, up-to-date, and back-to-life.

Based in Seattle

Although South Africa has my heart, my feet are firmly grounded in Seattle. Come rain or shine, you will find me outdoors exploring the PNW with my dog, Syd.

Photo of owner & Coach – Rachel Smith
Owner & Coach – Rachel Smith

Sydney Assistant

My role at YBC is to protect the premises, bark at all people and animals, and get Rachel outside as much as possible. I work for peanut butter, cheese, and bully sticks.

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